Today’s Video Worth Sharing: There Is No Umidigi A3 Max, But There Is An Umidigi One Max

Today we have a video on the Umidigi A3 Max…uh, yeah, there is no such animal folks! All those videos listed on YouTube about this mythical device are 100% bullshit. However there is an Umidigi One Max which is a lot like the Umidigi One Pro except it has a larger screen and twice as much onboard (ROM) storage.

All the links mentioned in the video are listed below. I was however wrong about the A3 Pro, that link will also be in the description below. It appears to be simply a 5.7 inch version of the A3.


Links referenced in the video:
Umidigi One Max Page:
Aliexpress Spec/Sales Page:
Umidigi A3 on Gearbest:
Umidigi A3 Video:
The Umidigi A3 Pro:

What we have here is essentially a larger version of the Umidigi One Pro with a bigger screen, more onboard storage and…well…that is about it.

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I just found it annoying to find all those videos about the “A3 Max” which simply does not exist. Some were giving out specs almost 2 months ago!

Always check the manufacturer’s web site before you waste too much time being excited by crap information!

Below is the video…


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