This Morning’s Video Worth Sharing: Unboxing The P20 Knockoff Phone! Initial Impressions

As promised a few days back…okay perhaps a week, tonight we have the unboxing of the “Mystery Phone”. This device was sent to me by subscriber Mike Reed whose channel link will be in the links below. So technically speaking this is a secondary unboxing.

Bottom line here is that this smartphone will get thoroughly tested and I will tell you if these P20 knockoff’s are worth your time. Make sure to visit my web site for more thoughts and details.


All links mentioned in the video are listed below:
Mike Reed’s Channel:
Where to buy:

What I found so far, the short list:

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  • The phone only reports about having maybe 16 GB Storage
  • The Display is very good but a mere  480 x 960
  • The battery charges faster than I thought it would
  • The CPU is only a Quad-Core
  • Have yet to verify this is Android 8.1
  • The Ram is reported as 1 GB

So far I have done all my checking using AIDA64 and CPU-Z.  Any other Apps out there to seriously probe a device? Leave a comment on our YouTube channel!

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