This Evening’s Video Worth Sharing: Zotac Ci323 ZBox Survived The Win 10 Pro Fall Update!

Last evening I decided to finally run the Fall Windows 10 Pro Update that my PC kept insisting was needed. Obviously with the news that the early updaters were losing files I wasn’t really thrilled about this at all.

After all the Zotac Ci323 PC is not only my primary/only desktop PC, it is also my video editing platform! This is one of those times when you simply wince and hit the download/install button.

Fortunately all went well although the update is huge and takes forever to install.  I am eagerly awaiting being able to afford a 500 GB SSD so I can at least have a second partition with Linux running to use for video editing.

You can get one of these little ZBox Nano C-series mini-PC’s over at Amazon for only $139 for the slightly faster N3450 Apollo Lake powered Ci327 barebones version. Just add your own SSD and RAM to suit your budget! Of course you will need to install either Linux (free) or Win 10 or 10 Pro also, but licenses are very inexpensive.

These mini-PC devices from Zotac run ice cold without any fans at all. I hit a max of 63C today while surfing the web and processing a video in Openshot at the same time! I can’t stress enough how perfect these Nano PC’s  for use with a good monitor and mounted with the included VESA mount to the back of the monitor are for creating a dirt cheap all-in-one PC!

Check out my channel on YouTube for a few videos covering this device!

Okay let us proceed to that video right now!

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