Today’s Video Worth Sharing: Umidigi A3 Is It For You? Probably Not But…There Is A Market!

The latest Umidigi looks good, but under the hood we see why the price is so low. By no means is this not a decent phone considering the price, but it is geared towards first time Android/smartphone users or as a gift for mom/dad or a child who needs a decent phone.

Below are the links to all sites shown in the video:
Umidigi Giveaway page:
Umidigi A3 Home:
Umidigi A3 Specs:
AT&T Bands Lookup for USA:


Another site to watch-Gearbest, currently $89 on pre-order.

This will be a very decent phone for many customers, provided Umidigi actually delivers on its promises. They have been known to vary between models as to the cameras actually being dual or not and of course those images on their site are  probably enhanced quite a bit.


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