Today’s First Video Worth Sharing: Why Some Folks Make My List and a Notebook That I Am Recommending!

Today we have this twin subject content. Of course the I started out to recommend this notebook, the Chuwi LabBook SE and of course I will do just that, but along the way I was a bit distracted and we have the end result of being a dual subject video. Hopefully you will take away the whole of the subject at hand and not hear just the negatives.

Below are the links to all products/videos mentioned in the video.
Chuwi LapBook SE:
Lon.TV Review:
TechTablets.Com Review: 


The “List” I am referring to is my “Reviewers I trust ” list. Sure I watch a lot of short reviews and unboxings, probably 100+ per week, but this list of reviewers consistently offer detailed specs/reviews, pricing and ALL the pros and cons of the device.

So let us proceed to the video I shot last evening and I will show you what I am talking about!


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