Today’s Video Worth Sharing: Top 4 Budget Phones? Perhaps If You Help Us Find a FULL Honor 8X Review!!

Originally posted 2018-10-12 18:06:15.

This video is all about asking for help to find a full review of of the Honor 8X smartphone. We already know the specs and they look great! The price seems to be reasonable, but we are searching for a thorough review from a North American reviewer so I can perhaps add this to my list of recommended budget smartphones for 2018.


The Honor 8X looks great on paper and I have posted up a video already of one hands on review from Ben over at ben’s gadget reviews. But his was not a full on nit-picky, every detail review.

I have found several others out there but from sources that appear to be more hype than truth. Sure the product will eventually get released on Amazon here in the USA, but by then, it may be too late to provide all the detailed info in advance.

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So check out the video below and leave a comment if you know where to find a good honest full detailed review. Leave those comments on YOUTube, not here! I am asking for links and if you include a hyperlink on this site it is auto-deleted by the security software, sorry but blame the spammers for this policy.

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