Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: What happened to the Zotac Ci329?

Back in May of this year Zotac announced the Ci329 N4100 Intel powered Zbox Nano mini-PC. This is a Gemini Lake version of the previous C series which had Celeron or Apollo Lake processors.

I currently use a ZBox Ci323 with the Celeron N3150 processor and it is totally adequate for what I use it for. It is passively cooled, very fast, considering the low-end CPU and just does everything well.


However last night I was exploring the future a bit and realized I need a new monitor with built in speakers and a VESA mount on the rear. This way I can mount just about any mini-PC to the back and essentially have an All-In-One PC without the all-in-one price tag.

So I started looking at a slightly more powerful Zotac, the Ci327 with the N3450 Apollo Lake processor. Essentially the duplicate of what I currently use, but with a faster processor and faster ram.

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So  while comparing specs on the Zotac site I noticed they also had a Gemini Lake N4100 powered ZBox and so I checked the specs on that one as well. The model is the Ci329 and I decided to find a review on it on YouTube. Essentially there were no videos concerning it except some corporate marketing type videos from Zotac.

I found that to be strange, you would think a 3 month gap since they announced this PC to be more than enough to get it on the market. Turns out that I can’t find anyone selling this thing!

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