BangGood has a Very Good Inexpensive Phone At a Great Price! Perhaps Better than The Mobile G3?

Originally posted 2018-08-12 00:13:34.

As anyone who has visited this site in the last few months should know I am pretty much set on getting my hands on the Nuu Mobile G3, but…


Today I ran across this phone on It is called the UMIDIGI One Pro and has a less powerful processor, (P23 versus P25), than the Nuu G3, but it does offer wireless charging, looks great and has Android 8 onboard already.

At a mere $199 this seems like a decent device, but I am going to see if we can get one here for a long term review!

5 Days Arrival: Save $10 Over $88

It has the usual downside of the “notch”, but it does have fast charging and wireless charging.

Let us all keep our fingers crossed and see if we can get one in here for our YouTube channel to test properly!

That is all for now,


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