Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: Microsoft Surface Go Unboxing and Review

This one comes to us from AMDTech where we always get unbiased  and honest reviews with plenty of info! Today he took a peek at the new Microsoft Surface Go Tablet/2 in 1 PC and did a great review as usual.

The Microsoft Surface Go starts off at about $399 which is great for a pretty darned good 10 inch tablet. Of course to be useful the price shoots up for more storage and the keyboard/stylus.

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For a certain segment, such as artists, college students who need to take notes or simply write papers, this might just be the ticket. Of course there is a huge price curve as you get the larger storage/keyboard/stylus.

All in all however I would say this is quite a decent effort on Microsoft’s part to put for a decent, small productivity machine.

So as usual, make sure to visit Andrew’s channel over at AMDTech and to like the video and subscribe!

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