Today’s Video Worth Sharing: A Recap of The Last Week of Videos on High End Cheap Tech

So last night I did a recap video of what we had put on the new channel in the last 10 days or so. Nothing special here if you happen to already be a subscriber, but if not, it will give you the general feel of what we are trying to do with the channel right now.

The video ended up being far more complex to edit than I first intended when I decided to shoot an intro with me doing the intro. When I finally got that right I was then tasked with re-editing the entire project, to slip the video on at the beginning. Then as usual I had to break it down from a 451 MB video down to 45 MB video using Handbrake. So it ended up being after 3 am and I decided to write this post up when I awakened today.

So let us get to that video, make sure to subscribe to the channel and be sure to leave comments on the YouTube site.

That is all for now, except please subscribe to our channel or click those big donation buttons on the website here!


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