Another Video Worth Sharing: New Intro and Today We Discuss Poor Testing Practices

Originally posted 2018-06-02 22:20:34.

As someone who tested electronic products for a large portion of my life I am not happy seeing non-repeatable tests and titles on videos that might be a bit misleading.


So in the video I am sharing below you will get to see 3 ool things…

  • Our new Intro for the channel here!
  • Things I dislike about reviewer stacking the deck, (not being 100% honest about the content).
  • Reviewers using sloppy, not repeatable testing practices.

Okay the real reason I created the video was to intro our new intro! But the points I make in the video are quite valid, if you can ignore the popcorn munching.


So below are all the pertinent links as promised in the video.

Redskull: LG G7 Versus Samsung Galaxy S9 Pro

Nick Ackerman: Budget Phone Versus Old Flagship

Matthew Moniz: The Best Phones of 2018 Get Water tested

Matthew Moniz: OnePlus 6 Drop Test

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