Today’s Early Morning Video Worth Sharing: Yes You CAN Edit Videos on Older Processor Powered Devices!

If you watch a lot of tech reviews like I do you will constantly hear that you can’t do this or that with the latest lower end phone/notebook/tablet, when in truth, you probably can!

When folks tell you that you can’t do something, your first response should always be…bullshit! We are trained by the media and YouTube in the tech world to believe that we must have the latest tech at all times and that it should look pretty and it will do everything under the sun!


The truth is that tech from 3 years ago will get the job done, you do not need apps/programs that cost a bundle, but you will need to be patient because everything might take an extra bit of time!

Can’t is always what folks say when they are already planning to fail. It is an unacceptable word if you are willing to learn and tweak and figure out how to bypass the barriers put in front of you and also to ignore the hype when it comes to tech related stuff.


Never give up and never surrender to the fail word “can’t”. I have been trying for weeks to add a simple intro/logo to the videos I do for our new channel here and I finally, after deciding that I can, figured it out after 10 hours this even/morning!

The video below only took a few minutes to record and edit, but the little short 10 second clip at the front was the issue all along! That took 10 hours to get right and it still is not perfect, but our videos are getting a bit better each and everyday.

So watch the video below, never give up and leave a comment and share the video and never give up!

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