The New Asus Zenfone 5 Versus the Nuu Mobile G3 When Buying For Your College Student

Hopefully you have seen my previous post/videos on what to get your first year college student. We covered the basics of smartphones and the really good, but not overpriced laptops/notebooks. They were each covered in the posts below.

Tonight I am doing a quick post with 2 videos and covering the Nuu Mobile G3 versus the Asus Zenfone 5. The Zenfone 5 is more on the order of a low end mid-range, but what were are really looking at here is bang for the buck. Absolutely one of the best budget smartphones versus one that costs a good chunk of change more.

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There are great things about each phone and one overriding factor to consider, which we will get to in the video.

On paper, the Asus is the clear winner, bigger battery, a bit better processor and a larger screen. But there are some downsides such as the fact that you will need to consider ordering it now, to get it in time before college begins! It also has a few issues with display and the huge factor, that I will cover in the video below. Well on second thought, the big factor is price! $199 on the G3, versus the current price of $385 on the Asus!

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Other than the basic display differences, these are fairly similar phones. The G3 does not have a headphone connector and that isn’t great, but it does have the adapter. The Asus also includes headphones and an OTG cable, a big plus. Big negative for me, the Asus has a notch!

So let us get to those 2 videos, one by myself and then just one of 5 videos I watched today, this one from Chris over at Techtablets. The first one is from our YouTube Channel.

This is the video from TechTablets, make sure to visit his channel and subscribe, it is first rate!

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