Tonight’s Last Video Worth Sharing: College Time, The Best Notebooks At a Low Price!

In my previous post I talked about the best smartphone to buy your child before sending them off to college, this video/post concerns the best notebooks at a reasonable price to buy those kiddies, knowing of course that they will probably break it anyway…

So I went through the reviews of all the notebooks I would buy and have compiled a list! Of course that list only contains those products that a reviewer I trust has already tested and went through the paces with. Below are the links to all the products I mention in the video at the bottom of this post.


Teclast F7, 14.1 inch Notebook:
Chuwi LapBook 12.3 inch with super hi-res display:
Jumper ExBook 3 Pro:
Chuwi LapBook Air with 8 GB Ram:, ZTC 128 GB M2 2242 SSD:

All of these have reviews on this site, so simply do a search and you will find them! Or if you are too lazy look below, (worry not, they open in a new tab):

Refurbished Computers Starting As Low As $129 At

Below you will find the short video describing each of them.

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