This Afternoon’s Video Worth Sharing: Tech Reviewers I Trust Episode 4

Just another review of a great tech reviewer. Today we are looking at Ben’s gadget reviews and he does really good work and is normally short and to the point.

This is the first video (on this channel) that I have added free music to, so it is a bit of a milestone for me. Just think what we could do if someone donated a few thousand dollars to get us really going? Heck right now a mere $50 would help get the ball rolling. Believe me, this took me about 7-8 hours last night to master! Yes you can learn to do anything, but it can kill your entire evening.


So back to Ben, he does great reviews, pulls no punches and calls out the crap when he sees it. He also doesn’t operate in a large studio and usually the only outside video you will see is when he ventures onto the streets of Hong Kong where he lives. Yes he is an American, but he is living in Hong Kong, near the epicenter of tech production in China.

That means he gets products well before North American or European reviewers do, generally speaking.

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So let us get right to that video, after all I could type more, but why, when I can talk?

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