Another Video Worth Sharing: Reviewers I Trust Episode 3! With Our Not So Good Intro!

Tonight we have one more video to share and that one is from right here at HQ, where we review the reviewers and recommend the best of the best!

Of course I decided to play a bit and added a new intro to the video and it is absolutely NOT amazing, but it is different! Obviously the new channel is a work in progress but the actual content is 100% spot on!


Tonight’s recommendation is Chris over at and is short and to the point.

Bottom line is, that if you are looking for inexpensive, Chinese tech, this guy has probably tested it.

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Watch enough of his videos and you may just learn something about tearing down your notebook/laptop or even occasionally a tablet.

He is exceeding thorough when it comes to pulling the cover off of any device. He also has numerous great videos concentrating on reducing heat inside the device and thereby making games NOT go into thermal throttling.

So all that being said, let us watch what I had to say about 45-50 minutes ago…

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