Tonight’s Video Worth Sharing: Tech Reviewers I Trust, Episode 2!

There are a lot of tech reviews on YouTube and some are great and quite a few are simple marketing reviews. I watch a lot of reviews each week and have a select group of folks than I am actually willing to recommend.

So for the second episode of this series we are covering a reviewer you have seen featured on this site a whole crapload of times!


His productions are great, his nit-pickyness is legendary and his honesty is above reproach.

This would be the review of Tech Reviewer Andrew Marc David over at AMDTech.

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He covers a wide variety of items from laptops/notebooks, to tablets to smartphones and even smartwatches and the occasional stylus or Bluetooth headphones.

So let us get right to the promised video so you can find out why, you should subscribe to his channel…

That is all for now, except please subscribe to our channel or click those big donation buttons on the website here!


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