Today’s First Video Worth Sharing: More Testing on the Hi12 With OBS Studio and Openshot

Yesterday I posted about the file size issues on the Zotac when editing a file from OBS Studio into Openshot. Of course the videos looked great, but they went from about 23 Mb to 299 Mb! I solved that issue with a small free program called Handbrake and today I decided to do some testing on the Hi12.

So I did a few videos, edited them together and surprisingly, they were not all that large after editing, maybe 3-5 Mb bigger, But I needed to know if Handbrake would work on the Hi12 as well as it did on the Zotac.

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The net result was a decent video with very, very little loss in quality and it reduced the final output from about 98 Mb down to roughly 11 Mb!

So Handbrake could be a great product for you to reduce file sizes by roughly 80% or more. It is also easy to figure out and works quite fast. You can find it right here and it is free Open Source software!

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