How to Edit Your YouTube Videos For Free! It Is Called OpenShot!

I have mentioned this editor in a lot of my videos and it is a really good, open source video editor that runs on my tablets and on my PC in Windows 10 and of course you can use it in Linux also!

It is fairly full featured considering it is free. So I just thought I would post a quick video on it, showing you how easy it is to use.


The video below was shot on my ancient BLU Studio Energy 2 phone, which is my camera of choice and was done at 1080p. The only thing I had to really do to edit the final video was to add a transition, because the phone decided to quit recording and also a little overlay at the end asking folks to like and subscribe.

This is by no means a full tutorial, because the software has some great help pages on their website at

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This video was edited on the Zotac in OpenShot as I wrote this post at the same time! Yeah, if you are using it on a tablet with an Atom X5-Z8300 or Z8350, you will simply have to wait for it to finish. 4 GB RAM just isn’t enough, but if you have 6-8+ GB RAM and an Apollo Lake or even a Celeron N3150 like me, this thing works great!

I do also mention the Android app I use to stitch multiple videos together seamlessly and that app is called AndoVidPro. It is inexpensive and will run just fine on older hardware like mine. So if you have a newer Android smartphone, it will be super fast fast and reliable!

That is all I have for this evening,


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