New Video On The Channel and Also Some Humorous Idiocy!

Tonight I decided to shoot an intro to a video with me as the featured person. I do not like being on camera, because in general I believe that what folks need is information. But being that all other YouTuber’s tend to spend far too much time on camera I thought I would throw myself to the wolves and be on camera for a short period as an intro.

So I short the first portion of the video and then began installing Linux Lite 3.8 onto the Zotac here as a Virtual Machine (VM) and got ready to do some video editing back in Linux to see what the differences were between Openshot on Win 10 and in Linux.


A quick note here, since I do not shoot selfies, I had never used the front camera on the Blu Studio Energy phone and was quite pleased with how well the video came out in low-light conditions! Not bad for a budget phone 5 mp camera at 720p!

Now here is the humorous idiocy. I edited a video for test purposes at first and I got no sound! Are you kidding me, no sound? I have run this same distro in earlier versions on the HiBook and the Hi12 and never got no sound!

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So I proceeded to read and install and play with the audio settings on Linux. After roughly an hour or so it hit me… yeah I can be a dumb ass, I was using the HiBook to watch videos on YouTube while installing Linux Lite on the Zotac and had the audio jack from the speakers plugged into the HiBook. Lights ON! PC’s don’t have internal speakers like tablets!

So moving on I finished the video, played about with one transition and was rewarded with the same quality video I am used you which you can view below.

So below you will find the latest video on the channel. Please watch, click like and subscribe, after all who knows what stupidity I might be involved with next?

That is all for the evening,


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