Tonight’s Second Video Worth Sharing: The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Smartphone Full Review

My regular visitors, all 10 or so of you, may remember that I posted an initial unboxing from Chris over at TechTablets on this smartphone.

You can find that initial review right here.  So make sure to check that one out also!

5 Days Arrival: Save $10 Over $88

The bottom line here is that Chris likes this phone at its price point which is considered to be budget, but the camera on the back is good and the fingerprint reader is good and all things considered this one may well be worth the price!

The detailed specs overall are good, so I am not going to waste your time reading since you can get them all from the video!  I would however wait for the Global ROM so you can get all the 4G LTE bands if you are in the USA.

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So let us get right to it, and make sure to check out the TechTablets channel for the latest in tech reviews!

That should be all for now, except to ask folks to visit my new YouTube channel,


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