Oh My, I Have Gone Crazy And Launched a YouTube Channel! Well Maybe It Will Garner a Bit Of Attention.

Yeah, We used the Ci323 to edit this video!

So today I launched our new YouTube channel. Someday it might even be amazing, but if everyone would share that first crappy video, well, it will help one whole helluva lot!

So first things first. If you know me, go to the video, like it and subscribe. If you do not know me, go to the video and subscribe and like it!

If you wish to see a lot of totally honest, long term testing videos, please ask me in the comment section , (don’t post a URL), of this post or on YouTube what you need info about.

So after messing with this all night, I am about burned out, so lets get to the first damned video!

Donate Now!

That is all for the next few hours!



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