Today’s Video Worth Sharing: The HP Envy X2 on ARM With Windows 10!

Yeah, this one might be the first device to offer the Windows 10 on ARM available on the market! It is quick, well made and has a battery life beyond belief,

Basically what we have is a tablet/notebook that can run forever on a charge! 20+ hours and beyond! Yeah folks that is huge. Of course you will not get the processing power of your average Intel Core i5 or i7 because this thing is runnng a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, which is fast, efficient and much like the latest smartphone processors. So basically, it is like your last year’s cell phone, but on Win10!

Our video today comes from Andrew over at AMDTech and covers the basics. Full reviews will follow and as usual do subscribe to his YouTube channel for the latest in tech reviews/unboxings.

This machine is a battery monster! It will run forever on a charge and has WiFi and LTE connectivity! Yeah…wow!

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So let us proceed at once to that video…


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