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Originally posted 2018-03-10 16:23:49.

If you are among are tens of visitors who frequent this site, you will know that I watch a boat load of tech reviews on tablets, notebooks and smartphones.

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There is a plethora of great tech out there without the Apple/Samsung/Google price tags. However most folks overlook these because they simply do not know about other “budget” devices.

Of course I am the ultimate cheapskate, still using a BLU Studio Energy 2 smartphone and still running a dirt cheap Zotac Ci323  mini-PC desktop on a ten year old Dell monitor.  I seriously believe that too many folks are spending good pizza/cheeseburger money on phones/tablets and laptops that could be better spent!


First of all, you need to get “bleeding edge” tech outta your head! You need to think about what will work for YOU! Quit being a sheep and become the lion. Ignore the hype, ignore the media and get whatever device will work for you.

Yes, we all like the latest and greatest tech, but is it necessary? In 85% of the cases the answer is no. It all depends needs. I would love to own all the latest greatest tech, but hell, I am writing this on a Bluetooth K480 keyboard from Logitech and today using the the Zotac Ci323 desktop, because it is was handy.

So below is a list in no particular order of the folks on YouTube that I watch. Click the links and see what they offer. Yes, most of them still cover the high end stuff, but they also cover the low end items and some are simply entertaining. I am adding a video from each of the channels I watch to the list.

First on the list is Anthony from myproject 13. He is the guy who helped me decide to purchase the Blu Studio Energy 2 which I am still using 2 years later.  The link to his channel is right here.

Next on the list is AMDTech, run by Andrew Marc David out of Las Vegas. His reviews are honest, nit picky and dead on as far as honesty goes and that is what we all need when looking for info isn’t it? The editing and presentation is also professional grade!

Next on my list is Ben’s Gadget Reviews. No high tech here, but great honest reviews of a variety of products. He is an American living in Hong Kong and reviews a wide variety of stuff! Below is an example.

Almost last on the list is Lew from Unbox Therapy. Yes the channel is huge and obviously pointed towards making money, but this Canuck is quite entertaining and he covers lots of tech stuff you may never have even known about, (yes he is a bit of a wacko. and that is why I follow him). One example is the video below…

Next on the list which as you know is in no particular order is Chris over at Techtablets. Possibly the most technical and thorough and annoyingly nit picky reviewer on the planet and that is why I watch him! I am often watching his videos moments after posting because I know I am about to get some good tech info.

Wow I have been typing a bit today, but I just need to add this last tech reviewer. His name is Linus and he runs TechLineHD on YouTube and he has great stuff. Honest, and right to the point and he sticks devices in the snow. Only he will know what that joke is about unless you view his channel!

Below is one example of his stuff….

That is all I have for today, except to request folks donate so we can get the damned HiBook back on cable and host from there!


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    1. No problem, I just like to point out the good stuff on the inter-web. Your stuff is probably in the top 2 based on honesty and detailed info! Nit-picky is good!

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