Today’s Video Worth Sharing: T-Bao Tbook X85 Pro – Simply Not a Great Notebook/Laptop At All

Originally posted 2018-02-24 13:16:09.

Today we have a video from Chris over at TechTablets and as usual it is brutally honest and this particular device simply doesn’t fulfill any sort of niche whatsoever!


This is supposed to be a budget gaming notebook but fails on graphics, build quality and everything except the SSD drive.

But of course it might be of interest to some folks or then again, probably not.


On paper it appears to be an okay device, but when reality sets in, it just isn’t up to the task of gaming at all and that would be the only reason to even consider this notebook.

So a big thanks to Chris for pointing out all the shortcomings and being honest as to the faults on this one! Make sure to check out his YouTube channel for all kinds of great reviews on all sorts of tech stuff.

That is all I have for now except for the usual request to either register and write a post or to donate to this site,


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