We Are Going To Be Giving Away The HiBook Tablet! We Just are Not Sure Of The Method…Yet

Yes folks, the HiBook tablet has been tested in all sorts of ways here at HiBook Labs and we are simply out of things to test on it!

We have installed Linux on it, edited videos on it, run a server off of it for over a year and a half  in a VM AND in Android and also watched hundreds of movies and TV shows on it!  Personally I love this thing, but it does sit around lately not being used too often and it still works perfectly!


So I have decided to do some sort of giveaway to someone who really could use a handy 10.1 inch, dual boot, Windows 10/Android tablet in perfect working order.

Of course the test facility here at HQ will continue to be called HiBook Labs for the foreseeable future, so do not panic! But the nature of the giveaway will be determined by those who choose to register on this web site and actually come up with a suggestion or two!

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Why yes, “what a novel idea you are thinking, I could write a post on this site and perhaps influence the outcome/method of this giveaway”.

Of course if you register and do not login or post, yeah, you get terminated, if you post a bunch of links (URL’s) you get removed. Simple enough?

Make sure you are registering on tabletserver.com and not another site that this may be shared with! (yes this will be shared on my other site, so just making sure you are registering for the correct web site!)

That is all I have at this time, register and write or suggest, no comments please, since most folks screw those up and they get dumped by the security protocols.


This site formerly ran on either a Chuwi HiBook tablet or occasionally my Chuwi Hi12 tablet. Check the About page for details. Don't miss our new YouTube Channel!
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