The HiBook News: Issue 5486, Okay Maybe Issue 52, General Info

So this week was an interesting one as I  learned far more than I ever really wanted to know about VPN software and devices and also actually shot a video on my BLU Studio Energy 2 phone on the stuff I  use and why I use it.

That video and the info related to it can be found in this post from a few days ago.

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I also did my taxes and it appears that I will be able to get cable in here in roughly 2.5 weeks.  That should alleviate some issues I have, since using you mobile WiFi hotspot can certainly put a damper on your web surfing, unless you happen to be rich.

I have also learned that the few visitors we do get don’t appear to be concerned about me getting rid of all the ads here. I would much rather have a cleaner site, that loads faster and not have to keep track of the latest adverts and when they expire and which new ones to put on. To put it mildly, I would like to ditch them all, if possible or certainly minimize them to perhaps just the post signature section. But of course no one has helped us out a bit. Not one single solitary person has coughed up even a dollar to help out the site. No one has registered and posted an article.


Perhaps someone out there knows what I should do to get some folks to send me stuff to test, or perhaps you have a slightly out of date product that you would like to see tested as a server. Yeah, that is what we do, notebooks, tablets, it doesn’t matter, it all gets beaten to death as a server. Got an idea, leave a comment, but do not post any URL’s since the security software here will see it as spam and it will be killed during the daily database optimization.

Obviously I am still recommending to folks to not go high end if you do not really need it. There are always fast, low cost mini-pc’s and lower end tablets and notebooks that do not cost a fortune that will get the job done.

As usual, if you want to help, donate, or inform or join and write!

So that is all I have for this edition,


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