Tonight I Did My Taxes And My Return Will Be Okay, But….

Originally posted 2018-02-01 23:36:08.

As the title states, I did my taxes, filed electronically and hopefully should see a return that will pay the cable bill for a year and perhaps a month’s rent.


Yeah, living on your own ain’t cheap and we need to have stuff to test as usual, this being tax time I would have already ordered the Chuwi LapBook Air or the tiny GPD Win 10 or perhaps another 2-3 devices except cash flow here is at a minimum!

So here is the deal, the folks who donate to the site at a level of a whopping 1 dollar, will be entered to win the legendary HiBook Tablet! I of course will come up with the giveaway videos, etc in the next few days. Who knows, if you were to share this article, perhaps we would have enough donations that I could give away more cool stuff.


I want to bring testing back into the home here and have total control of the server(s) and test the crap out of whatever device I can get my hands on! It might appear to be a strange thought to you, but think about this, what other site on earth has run most of its life on a tablet? Yeah, go check, we are the only idiots doing this stuff!

Tablets, notebooks, anything mobile gets put into service as a web server. So click the damned donate link and help us reach our rather minimal goal of $1800, or if you happen to be a manufacturer send us your product and we WILL beat the crap out of it and offer unbiased reviews!

So click here to donate and I will ask no more of your time!

That is all for this evening,


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