The HiBook News: Mid-Week Edition, VPN Still Being Troublesome!

A few days ago I thought I had cured my VPN issues but as is usually the case, I might have been wrong, dead wrong. But I did a wee bit of testing this evening on my Zotac, which is the only PC I have that has this particular issue.

Of course there are actually 2 issues at play here.


  1.  When I go into this site’s or any of my other 3 site’s control panel and edit more than a few posts I am suddenly unable to connect to the any of the virtual servers. The only way around this issue, which is exceedingly annoying and that I still believe to be on my web host’s end  of things, is to use a VPN, which I can easily disconnect from and then wait a few seconds and reconnect back. This works fine on both my tablets, but lately not on my Zotac Ci323 mini PC.
  2. I have been using both Betternet and ProtonVPN and both show the same issue. Once connections begin to timeout I simply can’t reconnect to the site and very rarely to the VPN, both Betternet and Proton show the same symptoms. However on the HiBook or Hi12 all is well, disconnect, reconnect, all night long. So it must be the Intel wireless adapter on the Zotac right? Sorry, wrong answer, because I can plug in my Comfast Dual band AC adapter into the Zotac and still get the same issue but when plugged into the Hi12/HiBook, no problems at all.

Obviously issue number 1 is in need of fixing big time, but, issue 2 is the one I have control over, so that is my focus this evening. Interestingly enough I did find a fix. Albeit a clunky pain in the ass, it does work. It simply involves going into Device Manager under Network Adapters and disabling the Tap Adapter for whichever VPN I happen to be using. See the image below…

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So you can see there are 2 TAP adapters, one for each VPN, simply right click, select disable, (after disconnecting from the VPN, which incidentally is still working fine for every other web site in the solar system), then enable said device and reconnect and all is well! Fortunately for me these two adapters are easily distinguished from each other because of their names. Interestingly enough, they have different driver versions, so it probably isn’t a driver issue and yes they use the same drivers on the HiBook and on the Hi12!

So if any of you geniuses out there can explain this issue to me I would love to hear about a fix! Leave a comment, send an email, join the site and write a technical post!

That is all I know at this moment,


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