Tonight’s Video Worth Posting: Galaxy S8 Versus The Galaxy A8 Smartphones

As most folks know Samsung recently released the Galaxy A8 smartphone and it is obviously not up to the specs of the S8 flagship model, but it might be the phone for you if you are looking for higher end specs at a lower cost.

This one comes to us from Linus over at TechLineHD on YouTube. This is a nice basic comparison of 2 phones that are very similar but have one huge difference which is the price.

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Those of you who have visited my site know that either of these phones are far too overpriced for me to look at twice but there are a lot of folks out there who could save themselves a bundle if the A8 does what you need it to do.

Both of these devices have fast processors, excellent graphics and each one has something the other one doesn’t have.


One has better battery life and a dual selfie camera and the other one has wireless charging, etc,etc.

So let us get right to the video which is just below. Be sure to subscribe and tell Linus to quit putting his phones in the snow!

That is all for now,


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