Tonight’s Video(s) Worth Sharing From A Couple New Tech Review Sites

If you have come to this site previously you are probably quite familiar with the occasional “videos worth sharing” posts. When I see a product that I think is great or find a YouTube site that actually does honest reviews, I am going to share it.

My personal feelings are that a reviewer should point out every single problem and nit-pick the heck out of a device because those shortcomings might be the one thing that would have prevented someone from buying a notebook or tablet or smartphone because that one feature/spec was THE most important thing to that viewer.


So tonight we have two new players in the honest reviews category, as judged by me. Sure, if you have hours to spend trying to find honest instead of corporate sponsored reviews, you can find these folks yourself, but hell, I have already done the detective work, watched dozens of videos and I won’t steer you wrong.

Obviously if you want the best, really crappy videos, that tell you about abusing the heck out of a tablet for a number of months, well, that would be this site. But my budget is  incredibly microscopic so unless folks donate, we have to wait for tax time each year to buy cool new stuff!


So let us get right to those reviewers with a couple of recent videos from them. First we have Ben over at Ben’s Gadgets Reviews and he has some of the most basic, down to earth and honest reviews you can find. Yep, it ain’t Hollywood, but they are informative. The one below I spotted yesterday and he is actually giving some devices away. So although this will probably kill my chances of winning,  here is the video…

Next up we have Linus at TechLineHD whose video on the LeEco Pro 3 kind of made me seriously consider this smartphone. This one is on the Samsung Galaxy A8, a mid-range phone with excellent gaming performance…

…and of course I had to throw in my latest crappy video, which was made worse by being sick and so tired I could barely stay awake, but it gets the point across….

That is all for this evening,


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