New Video: Figuring Out Connection Timed Out Errors, No Joy So Far

So for the last few weeks I keep getting blocked from my sites here. At first I thought it was AT&T since that is my only home connection, but lately I am getting the same issue using Mediacom cable at work.

So this is not strictly a DNS or routing issue. The only real cure to get connected again is to either use a VPN which works easily, or reboot either the router at work or the phone at home. Neither of which are a viable alternative.

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I honestly do not have a clue as to why this issue is occurring, but it is damned annoying! So below you will find the video I shot to demonstrate this issue and show you exactly what is happening.

Any comments or feedback are appreciated! Just don’t spam the site here with your comments, just leave a tech tip or register and then post a comment. As usual, we are still looking for donations to get cable into the apartment here so I can begin hosting on a tablet or other local device again! So below is the link to our PayPal donations page, followed by the video!

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That is all for now,


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