A Very Interesting 2 in 1: The Chuwi CoreBook 13.3 Inch Tablet/Notebook

So Chuwi is getting the CoreBook device ready although it is still in prototype stage. They have made a many good choices so far such as upgrading to 8 GB ram and a 128 GB SSD.

Those updates are all well and good, but they need to learn to use the correct words when describing their future product. This device with have a Core-M 7Y30 processor, which is the best of the core M line as far as speed goes, but in their video they refer to it as the fastest Intel processor. Nope, not even close, good, but not a Core i5 or Core i7, not even close.


Yes, if you are part of the Indiegogo campaign you will end up with the 8 GB ram/128 GB SSD and the pen and keyboard. Well yippie, these should be included with every purchase at one cost! If you want to compete with Microsoft Surface devices and Apple, you damn well better offer all the pieces parts in one single package.

Lastly, a little door on the back of the tablet section in order to upgrade that SSD! They figured this out on the LapBook Air and the LapBook 12.3, so why the sudden loss of common sense?

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The video is interesting and featured below and it is a few months old, but Chuwi needs to better understand the market and step up their game.

This could be a great 2 in 1 device, but if Chuwi half-asses it, they won’t sell too many!

Below is the video.

That is all for this evening,


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