The HiBook News: Edition Number 990 Or Thereabouts…This Episode: Not A Whole Lot To Report Except…

Wow, the title left ya’all hanging didn’t it? Yeah, there really isn’t anything new on the tablet server front since it is still sitting on a large scale shared hosting platform until I can get my cable connected.

However I can still report that the old Chuwi HiBook is still the best overall portable device I own due to it’s size, speed and usefulness along with decent battery life.  The faster RAM after a BIOS tweak really does make it quite a bit snappier than the Hi12, which of course still has the far superior display and of course that huge 11600 mAh battery, but lots of little annoying glitches, such as not being able to tweak the BIOS!

5 Days Arrival: Save $10 Over $88

Both of these devices are still available. Although for the most part you can only find the HiBook Pro  with a super hi-res 2560 x 1600 screen and larger battery, both of which are a bonus! The HiBook Pro is a steal right now at $182!

Lately though I am thinking that once I get cable back online I might just opt for a 7-8 inch super cheap tablet with Windows 10 and see what I can do with it as a server.  I think I have done all I can with the current smaller 10.1 inch HiBook to prove it’s value.


So that is all the news I have for today except for the fact that it is too damned cold outside here! But that will be gone by tomorrow and the world will be right again.

That is all,


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