Meltdown and Spectre Flaws Pretty Much Affect ALL of Us! PSA Here!

About 48 Hrs ago we all learned about the major flaws in Intel, AMD and ARM architectures that essentially leave all systems powered by these devices open to huge security holes that would allow hackers to essentially steal your data.

Yeah, that is a scary scenario and it means that every corporation, every server, every PC/notebook/laptop/tablet/smartphone is at risk! Check the end of this article for some links on the current info available. You can also Google it to find the latest info.


Ignore the hype for a moment and take a step back.  This might mean a whole new crop of processors based on totally new instruction sets and yeah, it may mean that every device out there now is totally obsolete.

Think about that for a moment, that means literally billions of smartphones, tablets, notebooks, laptops and servers being relegated to the junk pile.


Perhaps we all get patches for what ever operating system we have, but based on what I read this may be just a band-aid process.  Remember this is not really an operating system issue, it is the actual CPU architecture issue. We have essentially been running the same architectures for decades  and it may require a complete re-think from those providing these SoC’s, CPU/GPU’s, etc.

Patching software is easy, and “might” fix the issue, but patching your processor isn’t easy or damned near impossible. So now we wait… and in the meantime hackers are dancing their ‘happy dance’.

On the other hand this does mean that we might seen an entire new generation of processor/motherboard technology and while being expensive for many folks, it might actually mean a huge boom in new device sales in 6 -8 months.

My advice, is to give this issue serious consideration before purchasing any new device, because you might need a new one very shortly to keep your information secure. The last thing I want to do is to keep people from clicking on my ads on this site, but it is my ethical duty to provide this info and therefore I have to post this.

Latest news:

ARS Technica Link

TechCrunch report

I suggest searching  your favorite search engines to keep up on the latest updates to this absolutely scary flaw in your devices!

Here are a few videos for your education, by no means complete in info, but worth watching!

That is all for this evening,


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