The HiBook News:Internet Connection Problem Solved! Okay Minimized Would Be a Better Term

Yesterday after a grand total of 23 reboots of my phone I was finally able to figure out a way to avoid or at least mitigate the issue of those darn “err_connection_reset” messages.

So here was the issue in detail.  I run numerous websites now all served from a single server and I am still waiting to get cable in my new apartment, so I am using WiFi tethering to my BLU Studio Energy 2 phone for my connection. However when I went into any of the site’s WordPress dashboards I could make perhaps 1-2 edits and then I got the dreaded “err_connection_reset” messageThis would mean I could not connect to any of the sites, every domain was dead, at least for me and only me.

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I could still ping the sites, I could FTP into them, but as far as http went, it was a no go until I rebooted the phone. I did a trace route, I changed DNS servers,  I tried everything, but after 23 reboots yesterday as I updated the ads on 2 of the sites I had finally had enough. So I began to look outside the box. How can I connect and disconnect when needed without using the normal routing?

The answer for me was a free VPN from Betternet. Install the VPN, connect and then when things did die simply turn off the VPN and then turn it back on. 5 seconds later all was well! This app sits in your taskbar tray and is easily reset. Simple, effective and free.


I ran a trace route after installing the VPN and it ran faster and took a completely different route to the server.  When I did get an error it was site timed out not the err_connection_reset message. So problem solved? Well not 100%,  but no more rebooting the phone and resetting up tethering!

This app works just as well on the HiBook as it does on the Zotac mini PC, so Win 10 Home or Win 10 Pro, performance is exactly the same!

Now this might be an issue with the phone itself or AT&T and may never happen to anyone else but me, but I thought I would share the cure anyway!

That is all I have for now,


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