Chuwi LapBook Air Now At $350 With A 100W Power Station Charger!

I mentioned a short while back that my choice this Christmas was a Chuwi LapBook Air 14.1 inch notebook. It is fast enough, has expandable SSD storage, a back-lit keyboard and a very good display.

Well today I noticed that Gearbest has the device for only $349.99 (and it did include the offer of a 100 Watt 4 port USB charging station for your other devices, until about 5 minutes after I published this)!


At this point they have about 220 devices left on flash sale, but folks you need to hurry so you can get your hands on one before Xmas!

We have plenty of video on this site concerning this device, so check it out and then make a decision ASAP, because you know what you need but don’t want to miss out on giving a super cool gift this xmas.

This one was featured in my post about the top 3 budget laptops/notebooks about month ago.

That is all for right now,


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