This Morning’s Video Worth Sharing, The Cube Freer X9 Tablet, Not a Bad Tablet!

Originally posted 2017-11-05 08:52:18.

This morning’s video is on the Cube Freer X9 tablet which has a few good points and a relatively low cost price. This is basically a 9 inch tablet with some very decent specs and a few downsides like the small battery.

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This one comes to us from Chris at Techtablets and as usual I suggest subscribing to his YouTube channel.

It would be a great Xmas gift for children or someone who simply uses the device occasionally. However I still recommend getting the HiBook Pro with the larger 10.1 inch screen and a larger battery and currently at the same $169.99 price tag.

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This is a very good tablet for the price and is available at BangGood right now for $169.99.

That is all for this morning,


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