I Now Know Exactly What The Issue Is With The UpdraftPlus Plugin

Originally posted 2017-09-28 12:11:06.

So for the past few days I have been having issues with doing a restore from backup on this site. After a  few hours of research last night I know exactly what the issue is.

The backup itself is working perfectly however it is during the restore  that things go to hell in a handcart so here is what I did last night. I ran a backup and sent it up to Dropbox as usual.

Next I went to Dropbox and checked the file size of the backup files. For reasons of simplicity I will just concentrate on what I discovered with the Uploads portion of the backup/restore. That file was 650 MB on Dropbox.

Next I ran the restore which failed as usual.  So I went into the /wp-content folder and then looked at the updraft folder and there was my issue. The uploads zip file was exactly twice the size it should be at 1250 MB! All the files pulled down for the restore were reporting being twice the size they should be. All the files pulled down were reporting the wrong size!

So I deleted those files then downloaded the files from Dropbox directly then used FTP/SSH to upload them to the Hi12 which is what I was running the  restore on. I then ran the restore from the local directory and it worked perfectly. Make sure in settings to deselect the remote file storage for DropBox or whatever remote service you are using and save setting before you do the restore!

Therefore I have concluded that there is an issue with the download portion of the restore in the plugin itself.  For reasons unknown it is doubling the file size of the files pulled down from Dropbox.  So bottom line is it is not my server, it is the UpDraftPlus plugin.

That pretty much covers it, hopefully the plugin authors will get this issue fixed, although I can  still do a restore using FTP in the meantime.


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