I Learned Some Stuff Today Using The OpenShot Video Editor!

Of course if you listen to the folks whose videos I share, they always tell you you can’t use this device or that for video editing…wrong!

As usual I beg to differ! My little Zotac Ci323 with an N3150 processor actually helped me edit a video that I sort of needed some additions to.

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Let us keep in mind we are of course not talking super duper videos, but I still wanted to add some info to the video that I was posting for work.

That of course  involved playing about a bit and learning how to add some text to the video in Openshot at appropriate screw up/left out info points.

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It turns out that 30 minutes of education via clicking the wrong shit the first time taught me a lot! Point is never give up, simply click and do…and if that doesn’t work, try again…and again.

So to get to the tech details, the video below was edited on a PC, in Openshot, with 8 GB ram…but…yeah, I run a server off of this device and it uses up 5.3 GB so we are talking using a mere 2.7 GB RAM!

The edits took less that 5 minutes to process even with the minimal ram available. You can imagine how fast this would be of you were not insane and running a web server on your PC at the same time!

Hopefully when I get the notebook I am searching for with an N3450 processor things will be even faster! But never believe that you need some sort of $800+ PC to do editing of videos!

Below is the video or if you clicked on the post image you might have already seen it!

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That is all for this evening,


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