I Was Looking For Some Updates on The Chuwi LapBook Air Today And Ran Into Some Great Prices!

Originally posted 2017-09-08 15:39:34.

While checking the Chuwi web site today I ran across some great sale prices on Chuwi Products from Banggood. Chuwi had some sale prices listed and it turns out that a few of them are even lower when you get to the Banggood site.

Remember, this are limited time sales and you need to hop on them right away if you are interested! All links below will open in a new tab.

So let us get right to those deals!

The first is the Chuwi LapBook 12.3 at a mere $269. This little notebook has great specs and at only $284 it is a deal! (sale ends at 9 PM CDT,09-09-17)

Next we have the Chuwi Hi12 tablet at a mere $206.99. This is another great deal!

Next we have the Chuwi Hi13, 13.5 inch tablet at a great price of only $289.99.

Last we have the Chuwi LapBook 14.1 at a very low $218.99!

In the interest of getting this info out quickly I didn’t post any specs, because you can find all those at the links I posted and by doing a search on this site since every one of these devices has been written about here or has a video review posted.

For the curious I did not find any new updated specs on the LapBook Air.


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