Yesterday We Got a Video Of All The Nice Things About The Microsoft Laptop, Today We Get The Reality of How Bad It Could Be:(Video)

Originally posted 2017-06-20 20:52:02.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Since I recently shared the video about what the cool features on the horribly overpriced Microsoft Surface Laptop were and I did mention the issues with upgrades or repair, I thought I would throw in the following video from the folks at iFixit.


This laptop just earned itself a ZERO on the repair-ability scale they use. You probably have a less than zero chance of upgrading the lower end version and the high end version is simply more of the same.

Below you will find the video….

It is sometimes hard to believe that people buy this MicroCrap/Apple garbage, but then again, folks buy a Lexus or Acura also instead of getting a Toyota or Honda…so I guess PT Barnum had it right, there is a sucker born every second!


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