Just a Few Thoughts on The Hi12, BlueTooth Keyboards and Some Great Review Channels on YouTube (Video)

Tonight I was at a loss on what to post, so I decided we needed another video. Of course Microsoft decided that I needed a reboot in the middle of uploading the aforementioned video, but it appears to be on its way right now.

This video is nothing special, just shot on the Hi12, in Flashback 5 and shared at the lower 720p resolution. However, I do go over some of my thoughts on the Hi12 and of course there is a bonus…wait for it.


I have added a  few plugs for what I consider to be the two best places on YouTube to find reviews of tablets, laptops and notebooks. They both also do some smartphone reviews although I would never pay for any of the latest smartphones, because in general they are overpriced beyond sanity! That and my BLU Studio Energy2 still gets 4+ days of battery life with a Super AMOLED screen!

I do offer a bit of constructive criticism about what I see as silly tests such as expecting a notebook with a screen that weighs about the same as the keyboard to open with one finger. That is a pet peeve of mine, because the laws of physics say that won’t happen, yeah it is that whole leverage/arm and moment thing unless the notebook has a crap hinge! Make sure to watch the follow-up video that will post a bit after 12:30 am this morning!

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Incidentally the Chuwi Hi12 is still available on flash sale at gearbest for $219!

That is pretty much all I have for this evening,


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