Today’s Test Project: How Long Can The Hi12 Run As a Server?

Originally posted 2017-06-04 05:52:39.

It isn’t dead yet…after 12 hrs!

I have boasted quite a bit about battery life on the Hi12 and it is quite good, but starting last evening at roughly 6 pm CDT (06/03/17) it was tasked with being the server here.


It is now 0535 hrs and the battery is at….wait for it…..

….patience…. Yep we are at 66%!


Folks that is almost 12 hrs so far and we ain’t  halfway done! Keep in mind this is a tablet using the ComFast dual band adapter, which due to the annoying brilliant blue LED uses a wee bit more energy than one would want, but the trade-off is the super fast WiFi connect, in my case 433 MB/s.

The server you are reading this on IS the least until the battery gives out…so I shall post updates throughout the day.

Latest update, 1815 hrs CDT…17% I have decided at this point that 24 hrs is enough to prove a point and we are now back on the charger!

That is all,


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