Finally Someone Registered! Now Hopefully We Will Get An Article Or Comment Out of Them!

Since I changed the security system on the server here and also banned all the Russian email addresses, registrations have pretty much ceased to exist.

Today I almost overlooked the new registration from early this morning when I moved the server over to the Chuwi HiBook after returning home from work. But I caught the error, did a backup and then moved the server back to this machine.


This will become less of an issue once I get the Hi12 since it will be my work PC and the HiBook will become the primary server again. I will assume the registrant will edit their profile and perhaps post a comment or some sort of article. You see, if you register and post stuff, you don’t get deleted, if you do not post some stuff, well, then you get cleaned out when I do the database cleanup every few months.

It is actually pretty easy to register, although I know the reCaptcha system can be a pain to deal with. But hey, if you like the site, why not contribute? I do try like hell to keep track of when we get a new user, but I have numerous servers to run and the constant shuffling of the site from one machine to another occasionally causes me to lose a new user.

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