So I Watched a Few Video Reviews Of Chromebooks Today and Then After Being Impressed, I Regained My Sanity

Originally posted 2017-03-01 22:52:36.

Just Because They Are Pretty Does Not Make Them a Logical Choice

Most certainly we have had a slew of new Chromebook devices this year, and even some super ones from Acer, Samsung and Asus. They are sleek and fast, they all run Android apps and have nifty keyboards.

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Wow, you say, that sounds super cool! It sure does, until you remove your head from your ass and begin thinking again.  Chrome OS is an okay operating system, absolutely no doubt, and so is  Android and all those nifty apps one can install! Now remove your brain from the place with no oxygen and let us look at some simple facts.

  • Most of these super neat, super slick Chromebooks cost about twice what a dual boot tablet does ( and that includes buying a keyboard or using a Bluetooth keyboard as I do).
  • At best they are close to some of the low cost tablets with similar sized screens and their displays are no better.
  • As far as battery goes, 8 hrs isn’t stellar.
  • The two videos I watched tonight concerning a Samsung and an Asus (see the end of this post), look good, but are sadly lacking in ports.

Let us consider these facts: being obsessed with thin devices is silly! Are you taking your device to a European fashion show? Thin isn’t in, it is just plain marketing stupidity. I can carry my tablet and my Logitech K480 keyboard easily in my laptop bag and even by hand. It might not be as slick of a setup, but, hey there you Samsung Plus owners who paid way too damned much…I can connect the same keyboard to my Mini-PC….oh yeah…and my Android phone…uh…yeah, dumbass and to both of my tablets, which incidentally run Win 10, AND Android and combined cost less than a new Chromebook.


This is strictly my opinion, no offense to Google, but do not waste your cash on an expensive Chromebook. But if you like pretty laptops that will cost you far too much…here are the videos:

That is all for this evening…said the guy with a tablet that runs office apps, Win 10 AND Android, oh wait, it also will run this Virtual Machine in Linux,


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