3 Simple Steps to Reduce Hackers and Spammers on Your WordPress Site

Sometimes Nuking the Russkies is a Great Idea!

I have occasionally mentioned dumping the dead-weight on this site. I have repeatedly asked for folks to register and post comments and only been rewarded with hackers registering and posting nothing only to see the fake login attempts and the hack attempts increase.

So last week I made a move to reduce these attempts on all my sites.

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  1. The first one was to make sure I had all my settings right in the Shield plugin, which has virtually eliminated spam type comments.
  2. The second was to install a program called Ban Hammer and to immediately ban all registrations/comments from @mail.ru. Yeah, that would be commie-land, also known as Russia.
  3. Step 3 was to delete all the russkies from the site.

So far it seems quite effective. Obviously there is still the occasional spammer stupid enough to be trying to put 2-3 URL’s into a comment. A hint here for anyone leaving a comment, put in a URL, or put your web site into the comment form and, yeah, it gets auto-dumped. I would apologize, but that is covered on the about page, so if you can’t read it means you are either stupid or a bot, ewither way, no apologies given or offered.

You would be amazed how well things would work if you just read the rules. Not my problem because dumb-asses get no mercy.

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That is all, Goodbye Russia….


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