Just Taking a Peek at Some Newer Notebooks/Laptops, HP Spectre X360 With the Kaby Lake CPU

Originally posted 2017-02-01 00:11:06.

I prefer all my devices have mobility, even including my Zotac PC, which because of its built in wireless, can literally be plugged in anywhere in the house and still act as a web server.

So today I was pondering, perhaps a new notebook? Nothing wrong with the Asus X553SA, but logic says, sell it and replace it while it is still relevant.  So below is a review I found on the Inter-web, via YouTube and it is quite positive.

Feedback would be appreciated as usual, although I am betting that none of the 8 new users on the site will do a thing but continue their feeble attempts to hack the site….

I found the video below on YouTube and if you are into tablets and laptops, you really should subscribe to this channel. The reviews are honest, although sometimes nit-picky, but most importantly they are accurate.

That is all for this evening,


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