A Look Back at 2016 From a Mobile/Server Perspective…Or How We Ended Up With HiBook Labs!

Originally posted 2017-01-04 21:33:29.

So here at HiBook Labs we test tablets. Uh, we also run servers off of tablets and notebooks and anything else I can lay my hands on that is web server capable, and yes I have even run a web site off of a smartphone.

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So the year started with the Dragon Touch X10 being the primary server for this site, which was yet to move to the tabletserver.com domain. That was really an eye opener for me as far as inexpensive tablets went. The DT X10 performed rather well as an Android based server and even better as a little notebook when running along with my K480 Logitech Bluetooth keyboard and a wireless mouse, of which I tried 2 and settled upon a Logitech, because it just plain worked.

Of course we also had the Asus X553SA,(this post is being written on the Asus notebook server), running part time as the web server also and it is still here and doing daily duty about 50% of the time as my work laptop.


Lastly we had the Asus Z580CA which was incredibly fast, super efficient and all I could want from a high-end tablet that beat the hell out of any Apple or Samsung product at twice the price. The downside to the Asus was their failure to update Android until roughly a month after I sold it. That of course set me to looking for a replacement for both the Asus and the Dragon Touch X10. The result ended up being the Chuwi HiBook 10.1 inch tablet, which I still have and intend to keep for a bit.

The HiBook is usually the server platform for this domain, hence the references to “HiBook Labs”. For what I paid for it, which was about $184 it has been the best tablet I have ever owned!

Of course I am looking at a 12 inch class replacement for the HiBook, but as usual I have yet to pull the trigger and decide on one and so for the immediate future we shall continue to see articles with the HiBook Labs image at the top.

At this time we are also running a Zotac ZBox Mini PC which is super fast, was dirt cheap and has replaced my primary PC, a Dell Optiplex 745.

Hopefully a few folks will click the ads I run here and buy a few products so that we can buy and test more cool stuff.

That being said, I can totally recommend a few products based on over a year of testing.

  • The Dragon Touch X10, 10.6 inch tablet
  • The Asus Z580CA, if you can find one
  • The Asus X553SA notebook
  • The Logitech K480 keyboard

That’s all for now,


This site formerly ran on either a Chuwi HiBook tablet or occasionally my Chuwi Hi12 tablet. Check the About page for details. Don't miss our new YouTube Channel!
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