It Is That Time Again, When Tim Warns “Registered Users” To Either Contribute Or Be Deleted.

Time to clear out the dead weight again.

Howdy folks. It is once again time for me to explain the facts of life to you folks. Anyone who registers gets author privileges and can create posts.

Pretty much anyone who visits the site can post comments.


As per usual, we now have roughly 16 registered users who have yet to contribute one damned thing. I can only assume these folks thought that being registered would make the site easier to hack.

In any event, if you do not post comments (not spam, no URL’s folks, just comments) or you do not at least attempt to write a post then you will be deleted.

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It is just that simple folks. Participate or be relegated to the deleted accounts pile along with the rest of the trash. You have been warned. You have 5 hrs from this posting (6:15pm CST, 10 Dec16) after that your login will disappear.

’nuff said,


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2 thoughts on “It Is That Time Again, When Tim Warns “Registered Users” To Either Contribute Or Be Deleted.”

  1. Hey boss! Does this apply to me also? I mean after all I am just here to edit your spelling misteaks…

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